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We are committed to providing our clients with education, customized service, quality products and outstanding customer service in a warm and friendly environment. Our team of experts work together to meet your beauty needs with our ultimate goal of helping them look and feel great!

Since 1997 ISLAND TANS has provided the greater East Texas area with the ultimate tanning experience. We've strived to create an atmosphere of quality and comfort you not only expect, but deserve. Our meticulously clean facilities house the most technologically advanced indoor tanning equipment along with a complete line of tanning products.

Best of all, each tanning visit is carefully diagnosed by a staff of professionals who are always on hand to educate you about your skin type and how to tan moderately to achieve the best results. So relax and enjoy the ISLAND TANS experience. A new level of quality and comfort in indoor tanning.

No Appointments, No Contracts, Feel Great!

Tanning Beds

Ergoline Open Sun 1050


• 12 Minute Maximum Exposure

• 27 High Pressure 580 Watt Lamps

• 3 640 Watt Facial Lamps

• ULTRA PERFORMANCE glass reflector system

Ergoline Classic Turbo 600

• 12 Minute Maximum Exposure

• 50 Genesis 170 Watt Lamps

• 4 Ultra Performance 520 Watt Facial Lamps

• Shoulder Tanners

Sol Tron Flirt Super 40

• 15 Minute Maximum Exposure

• 20 Soltron Lamps 160 Watt Canopy

• 20 Soltron Lamps at 120 Watt Base

• 3 Facial Tanners at 400 Watts Each

252 Radias Stand Up


• 12 Minute Maximum Exposure

• 52 Genesis 200 Watt SHRX-2 Lamps.

Ergoline Sundash SD2

Sundash/ Competition

• 20 Minute Maximum Exposure

• 32 Genesis 120 Watt Lamps.

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